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For years budget travelers in the Washington DC-Philadelphia-New York-Boston corridor have loved the Chinatown bus service. Now, they are also available on West Coast cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas. The Chinese buses offer a reliable service at affordable cost, and we bring them close to you so you can purchase your ticket online without a hassle.

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In the late 1990s a few entrepreneurs in New York's Chinatown started running buses from Chinatown in NY to Chinatown in Boston for less than half of what traditional bus companies were charging and a fraction of what it cost to take the train or fly. Their target market was Asian immigrants who wanted to shop or visit relatives...

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Bus Routes: Schedules, Map, Tickets One way / Roundtrip Operators
New York to Boston bus (return) $15 / $30 Yo!BusGo Buses;
New York to Washington DC bus (return) $21.75 / $41.5 Washington DeluxeEastern Travel
New York to Baltimore bus (return) $20 / $35 Eastern TravelXinnix Bus
New York to Bethesda bus (return) From $1 Tripper Bus;
New York to Philadelphia bus (return) $10 / $18 Yo!BusVIP Tours
New York to Mohegan Sun bus (return) $22 / $30 Long Lucky Bus
New York to Norfolk bus (return) $35 / $60 Everyday BusNo.1 BusSprinter Bus
New York to Virginia Beach bus (return) $35 / $60 NY TigerNo.1 BusSprinter Bus
New York to Atlanta bus (return) $90 / $175 Bus2nycHorse Run;
New York to Cincinnati bus (return) $60/ $110 Sky Horse BusBus2nyc
New York to Columbus bus (return) $60 / $110 Sky Horse BusBus2nyc
New York to Savannah bus (return) $70 / $140 Star Line Express
New York to Orlando bus (return) $80 / $160 Star Line Express
New York to Anderson bus (return) $80 / $155 Horse RunBus2nyc
New York to Charleston bus (return) $70 / $140 Star Line Express
New York to Greenville bus (return) $60 / $115 Horse Run
New York to Charlotte bus (return) $60 / $115 Oriental PearlBus2nycABC Bus
New York to Greensboro bus (return) $60 / $120 Oriental PearlABC BusGetaway Travels
New York to Fayetteville bus (return) $60 / $120 Oriental PearlABC BusStar Line Express
New York to Raleigh bus (return) $60 / $120 Oriental PearlABC Bus;
New York to Durham bus (return) $60 / $120 Oriental PearlABC BusBus2nyc
New York to Columbia bus (return) $60 / $120 Oriental PearlABC Bus
New York to Knoxville bus (return) $80 / $160 Tennessee Travel
New York to Nashville bus (return) $80 / $160 Tennessee Travel
New York to Jackson bus (return) $100 / $200 Tennessee Travel
New York to Woodbury bus (return) $20 / $35 WCBTEastern Bus ServiceExpressTrails
New York to Richmond, VA bus (return) $40 / $70 Eastern TravelNo.1 BusHorse Run
Washington, DC to Richmond bus (return) $15 / $30 Eastern Travel
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